Serva me Servabo te

By Cindyyv, in 'Latin to English Translation', Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Cindyyv New Member

    Hi just want a basic translation of what this means. But I'm open for an in depth lecture.
    I've (obviously) translated on different websites but I just don't trust them because I keep
    getting different translations.
  2. AoM nulli numeri

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    "Save/protect me; I'll save/protect you."
  3. Chilkoot New Member

    Cindyyv - I stumbled upon this and wanted to add a bit of context.

    In contemporary speech, the phrase you've quoted is commonly used as a direct substitution for the colloquialism "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". In modern use there isn't really a connotation of mutual defense, but rather mutual gain, and even with a subversive bent, like something you'd hear in a back-office deal or a plot of collusion.

    I recall for example an instance of this phrase being uttered during a film scene where a politician changes zoning on a property for a construction magnate who in turn supports his re-election. I believe it also appeared in a judicial ruling on collusive behaviour (price fixing) among pharmaceutical companies. It's not common to encounter the phrase, but this is how I've seen it used in the last ~20 years.
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    It's from Petronius. And there have been a couple of threads on this already, so a mod might want to merge them.

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