Sheep From A Dream

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    I have a working title for a piece of artwork, ‘Sheep From A Dream’. It’s succinct but I don’t like the sound and shape and hope that Latin would prove to be more elegant. I see the title meaning something like this ‘A sheep as seen in one of my dreams’. I assume that because it's my artwork, it is implied that the dream is my own, and that the sheep inhabits my dream. The domestic sheep is Ovis aries and the ancestral wild sheep (the Mouflon) is Ovis orientalis. I’m hoping that as 'Ovis' is the genus, it would suffice?

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    Cygnea, Gena

    orientalis meant "from the orient", just like the English word
    There is the rare word somniales, so you could go with ovis somnialis

    I would expect classical Latin to circumscribe such a thing in some way like
    ovis, cuius imago mihi in somnio venit
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    Sorry for my slow reply. Thanks for Ovis Somnialis, I didn’t expect only two words, good for a title. I’m guesing insomnia means absence of dreams? How exactly should I read Somnialis?
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    Cygnea, Gena

    Insomnia means abscence of sleep.
    The words dream/sleep are very similar, though. dream = somnium, sleep = somnum

    somnialis is an rare adjective, but it follows a logical word formation process in Latin that has it mean "referring to dreams in some way"
    In that respect, ovis somnialis could be translated as "dreamsheep" or "sheep from a dream"
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    And then there's insomnium, too.


    The OLD also adds 'an apparition seen in a trance or dream'.
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