sine paenitentia vive

By m_life, in 'Latin to English Translation', Sep 24, 2008.

  1. m_life New Member

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    Hello :)
    I'm just wondering if there's more meaning for ,sine paentitentia vive, than live without regret (roughly translated) can or does it mean something else aswel?
  2. Cinefactus Censor

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    litore aureo
    Live without repentance

    Note that it is paenitentia, not paentitentia as you have typed.
  3. Anonymous Guest

    a further comment about the word "paenitentia", it is a proof that in the classical times both the diphthongs "oe" and "ae" were pronounced as in the english word "red", in fact paenitentia as his root in the word "poena" ("paena" doesn't exist at all) therefore the correct form should have been "poenitentia" which is most probably the ancient form of the word when latin people pronounced both of the vowels of the diphthong. this form laid in the background for centuries and became more widespread than the other with the christian writers (tertullian: "de poenitentia")
  4. m_life New Member

    United Kingdom
    Haha how silly of me to misspell it after writing it correctly for the title of this thread! :D
    Thank you for the breif history and meaning! Is there anything else it could signify?
  5. Anonymous Guest

    i agree with Cinefactus, "repentance" is the right translation of the latin word "paenitentia", the only other could be "contrition" .... but it is a synonym.

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