Music Video sum tempestas fusca, qua perducit terra, nox non decedet, dies numquam pervenit

By ensanguined, in 'Latin to English Translation', Mar 25, 2019.

  1. ensanguined New Member

    If all goes to plan I'm taking Latin classes this fall but I've been looking up some favorite lyrics of mine and other things in the meantime and this passage has kind of stumped my own research.

    sum tempestas fusca
    qua perducit terra
    nox non decedet
    dies numquam pervenit

    It is sung in a speech like hypnotizing manner. If anyone could provide their thoughts on a translation I'd appreciate it a lot.

    For the part in question, just copy and paste this link and it should automatically start at 1:05
    P.S. Should there have been any capitalization on any of the Latin words or is it OK to write it like this?
  2. Hemo Rusticus Tom Bombadillo

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    I'm not sure if you're asking for a translation, but here's one anyway.

    I am a dark storm.
    Where the earth leads,
    night shall not yield/be gone/depart;
    day never comes (or possibly 'came', although this is not likely).
    You can more or less do what you want. If you believe this is a sequence of full sentences (with beginnings and endings), you might capitalize as in English.

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