1. Lion of the Morning New Member

    If decimation is reducing something by 10...what would half be?
  2. Hawkwood .

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    A fifth. Is this a question or a puzzle?
  3. Hawkwood .

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    The removal of a tenth sounds quite disattached from the implications of what this punishment actually entailed. An awful way to go by all accounts. Walloped to death.
  4. Lion of the Morning New Member

    Not a game!

    I’m actually curious if there is a latin word that would describe the same action, just instead of killing a tenth, what would killing half be called?
  5. Dantius Homo Sapiens

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    in orbe lacteo
    dimidiatio exists for "dividing into halves", which gives us English "dimidiation" (though this is usually not used in the sense of dividing into halves). I don't know a word for killing a half in the same way as "decimation" (since decimation was an established procedure in Rome, whereas I don't know of any instances where a general would kill half of the army – it would certainly be incredibly inefficient and a waste of resources),

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