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By Seraphinus, in 'Ancient Greek', Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Ser Nūmen lūnāre

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    What are the perfect and imperfect tenses called in Greek, especially in ancient grammars like Dionysius Thrax's?

    I notice Greek Wikipedia does not have an article on Ancient Greek grammar...
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    There are several names for some tenses (χρόνοι), depending on the author. I go with these ones that are still used today:

    ἐνεστώς praesens
    παρατατικός imperfectum
    ἀόριστος aoristum
    μέλλων futurum
    συντετελεσμένος/συντελεστικὸς μέλλων futurum perfectum/exactum (if I remember correctly, it's not in Thrax's grammar)
    παρακείμενος perfectum
    ὑπερσυντέλικος plusquamperfectum
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