The Heavens bind my Sword

By Issacus Divus, in 'English to Latin Translation', Feb 25, 2019.

  1. I'm new to the site, but it says that I can ask for translations. If you Latin Lords could spare some time to assist amicus tuus.

    I simply request " The Heavens bind my Sword." Translated literally, no special meaning. I love latin, but I've got to be honest, all I truly know here is the vocabulary, i.e. caelum/coelum, gladius, which I'm not even sure is right for this context. So, that's it.
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  2. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    That's no problemo, boss.

    Caeli gladium meum vinciunt.

    You could reasonably use 'coeli', if you prefer it, but the former form is generally more popular. Also, a poetic word for 'sword' (here in the accusative) is 'ensem', if you like that.

  3. Hey, thanks! Wasn't expecting such a fast reply.
    I know that caelum and coelum can be used, and that gladius can be improved on poetically. But, I wanted an accurate translation, which I have gained. Thanks again.
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  5. Callaina Feles Curiosissima

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    Reminds me of playing Nethack (a D&D-like computer game) way back when. They had all sorts of different swords: a short sword, a long sword, a two-handed sword, etc.

    It would be fun to make a Latin version of Nethack. :D

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