Inspirational Through Perseverance We Emerge

By D Nguyen, in 'English to Latin Translation', Aug 6, 2018.

  1. D Nguyen New Member

    Thinking about using this for a family motto of sorts. My Family has been through a lot and this would really serve as an appropriate guiding principle. Some of the people in my family have serious handicaps, but they continue to strive to be better, never aiming to be the "best" per se, since they know they will never run faster than Usain Bolt or dunk like an NBA allstar, but they work so hard to be a little bit stronger each and every day. Reaching personal bests is really what we are about. In a world where all eyes are focused on the latest greatest thing, so little is given to the personal struggles we each overcome in our own lives. Thanks you for your translations!

    Would also consider any mottos that convey the idea of perfecting yourself little by little each day, for example(depending on what latin phrase clicks better!) :

    Through Perseverance We Progress
    Through Perseverance We Prevail
    Burnished by Perseverance
    Perfection through Perseverance
    Stronger Today

    Thanks again all for you help & ideas!
  2. Matthaeus Vemortuicida strenuus

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    There's a well-known authentic Latin maxim per aspera ad astra, "through hardships to the stars."
  3. D Nguyen New Member

    Thanks for the suggestion Matthaeus! Really like it, however, I wanted something that puts a greater emphasis not on achieving great things but on the daily toils we must undergo to become the best version of ourselves . The focus is really on personal bests and working hard to increase our personal capacities regardless of how that fits into the world around us. The idea being that my brother, who is handicap, running a sub 15 second 100 meter dash is in many ways a greater achievement than a gifted runner who clocks a sub 11. Thanks again, Matthaeus!
  4. R. Seltza Active Member

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    For your original requested phrases, here's how I'd translate it:

    "Through Perseverance We Progress" = Per Perseverantiam Progredimur
    "Through Perseverance We Prevail" = Per Perseverantiam Vincimus (Through Perseverance We Win/Conquer/Overcome)
    "Burnished By Perseverance" = Politus Per Perseverantiam ("[Having Been] Polished/Burnished By [Means of] Perseverance")
    "Perfection Through Perseverance" = Perfectio Per Perseverantiam
    "Stronger Today" = Fortius Hodie/Nunc ("Stronger Today/Now")

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