Translation for Ancient Roman Music (118 Minutes) YouTube video

By Lostwarr, in 'Latin to English Translation', Dec 18, 2018.

  1. Lostwarr New Member

    Hello all, i realy want to find out the name of the song that starts at min 2:30 in the mix. Thank you in advance ^.^

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  2. J.M Active Member


    The song is called Magna Mater and the Artist is Synaulia

  3. Lostwarr New Member

    Thank you for the reply but that is not the song
  4. J.M Active Member

    Haec musica erat optima! Nihil musicam magnam Romae superabit!
  5. tylerwood377 New Member

    only musical master would able tell you about your question sir.. and translate to you sir. find someone who have knowledge about this music
  6. Lostwarr New Member

    I apreciate your reply it exemplifies my fears :p
  7. J.M Active Member

    I have also spent my time asking many people who knew a lot about ancient roman music but no one seemed to know that song in particular.


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