Truth is my light

By jrobertson06, in 'Latin Mottoes', Feb 22, 2006.

  1. jrobertson06 New Member

    I know you probably all get requests for several english to latin translations for tattoos... this is yet another one.

    I will cross reference several other sources on this, as its going to be a memorium tattoo to my grandfather (rip)...

    I want to say "The truth is my light" or "truth is my light"

    have seen a couple translations of this...

    1) verum est meum lucem <- a latin minor friend of mine
    2) veritas lux mea <- an online quotes site
    3) verum est meus lux lucis <- online translator

    any help would be appreciated...

  2. Oppius New Member

    #2 is right. #1 has a case and a gender mistake and #3 uses dictionary entries instead of proper forms. To your friend's consolation his errors are very common ones - were probably made in a hurry :)
  3. jrobertson06 New Member

    thank you very much my friend, now for safety sake any one else care to comment? trying to get multiple opinions, not that I dont trust oppius.

    if not, your help has been very appreciated. now the task of finding a local translator.
  4. XxB3A5TxX New Member

    I agree with oppius that number two is correct cept that i think there should be an "est" tacked on to the end, you dont have too for to-be is often omitted,(at least in poetry... i hate u ovid)
  5. jrobertson06 New Member

    Thanks for the help guys... i have it written down, now comes the fun task of finding an artist to sketch it all out for me...

    for those curious, this phrase will be written above a celtic/tribal cross with my grandfathers initials inside of his birth year and death year.

    in essence...



    1918 AJR 2005

    Only much more beautiful and it will be placed on my left chest (over my heart).

    Thanks gain for help, any further suggestions of this would be a huge help.
  6. Manius New Member

    Latin Forum
    The tattoo idea sounds very beautiful... Can we see a pic when it is done? I never thought of getting a tattoo in memory of someone - it's a great idea, I think.

    Veritas lux mea is perfectly right. Est at the end is grammatically correct but not necessary.

    @XxB3A5TxX: hate ovid too :(
  7. jrobertson06 New Member

    Yea when I get a pic I will throw it up, chances are it might be a month or two... gotta get it sketched and find an artist willing to do a good job on it

    thanks again for the help.

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