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By Iker, in 'Latin Language Resources', May 11, 2019.

  1. Iker New Member

    Hi all!

    Just wanted to ask if anyone got into the Accademia or tried to. I know they are quite strict accepting people, so I really want to improve my latin to request the admission later...
    The point is, what level or knowledge minimuns do you think they are requesting? I'm studying latin on my own at the moment, but loved it since the start of times. This Accademia looks just fantastic, maybe it's too good. I may have to lower my goals :/

    Thanks in advance! Any ideas will be carefully red!

    Valete bene !
  2. Well, how far are you in Latin?
  3. Iker New Member

    I started studying on Summer 2016. Continued on my own, reading a little of Hobitus Ille and I've advanced to the seventh chapter of Lingua Latina. I plan on continue the studying this summer, but I don't know if'd have a chance to apply for the accademia...
  4. Godmy A Monkey

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    If you get to about 20-22nd chapter and with confidence translate those chapters back and forth into Latin, being able to reproduce the language almost faithfully, you are ready to enter (perhaps even a few chapters before, but be sure to really master the language back and forth).

    A tip: Hobbitus Ille is a bad translation in the sense that it heavily uses incorrect Latin grammar (morphology & syntax), incorrect lexicon, incorrect phrasing... well, everything, it should have never been released, it's a huge shame to Tolkien the linguist's (the Latinist's too) legacy. There are long undending threads on this forum both on Hobbitus and Vivarium. From the contemporary translations I would look at Harrius Potter, Winnie Ille Puh, Regulus (one of the translations), or Asterix (Latin) .... the first from these has got some issues, but all these named* are rather quite decent Latin however!

    *Edit: And also the book on Amazon with short stories that has been (compiled &) translated by our forum member Pacifica.
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  5. Lotusbridge Member

    Not available :(
  6. Sadly. :(
  7. Terry S. flamen

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  8. That cover looks better than the other one, too.
  9. Godmy A Monkey

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    I thought it was an e-book on Amazon which is therefore always available?

    It seems I'm mistaken... strange.
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  10. Cinefactus Censor

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    litore aureo
    Amazon won't accept new books written in Latin.
  11. Bitmap Civis Illustris

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    Cygnea, Gena

    There's no e-book version of that book.
  12. Godmy A Monkey

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    Pardon me then :) I remember Pacifica once were about to publish some translation(?) Latin book as an e-book (it seemed the most easiest option to her at that time, as far as I remember).
  13. Pacifica grammaticissima

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