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    I don't mind fact-checking or critical thinking (in phonetics, an audio editor is your best friend or an application like Praat, which is free; I bid you to use them to the their full ability to get to the facts, to see for yourself), I just felt you weren't taking the evidence/the facts too seriously as you were checking them or using some subjective or local views to draw an objective general conclusion. If I was mistaken, my bad, but I suppose my teaching abilities are just limited sometimes by how much time and energy I want to invest in something which I think is best defended by itself (by the studies, the literature and other academics), hence my little patience.

    Be well & bye!
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  2. interprete Member

    I didn't draw any conclusion. I merely questioned the realism of some claims and was looking for explanations as to why they are so widely accepted despite being so counter-intuitive, at least for a dilettante like me.

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    Wuzzat? Do you live in 10th-century Warwickshire?
    Only kidding. But really, whereabouts livest thou, my guy?
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    I've removed the personal attacks and bickering. Let's play nicely, thank you.
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