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By Anonymous, in 'Non-Latin Talk', Dec 7, 2005.

  1. The Kenosha Kid Active Member

    The Zone
    Haha, hardly. It took my utmost just to scrape together that little sentence. But since I don't know any Norwegian, it was the closest thing I could do to 'meet you halfway', as people say around here.

    Eða hverr er sá margfróði maðr hér?
  2. Araneus Umbraticus Lector

    The whole mythological/prophetic poem Vǫluspá set to music. Again it's black metal, so it might not be to everyone's taste.

    His pronounciation is overall very good (although sometimes his Bergen dialect shines through) and follows reconstructed Old Norse pronounciation. Many tend to just use modern Icelandic pronounciation when reading ON, which hits far off the mark.
  3. The Kenosha Kid Active Member

    The Zone
    Pretty damn awesome.

    Back when I was really into ON (chiefly for the Eddas), I thought it'd be fun to translate the 'Uatis oraculum' into dactylic hexameter. I only got a few dozen lines in, and the results were not at all worthwhile. But I happen to have some of them, so peruse them if it please you to do so.

    Auditum genera omnia sacraque nunc ego posco
    Heimdalli magniue minuti, noscite nati.
    Nempe lubet mihi, Mortupiter, tibi dicere recte
    quae memini esse antiquissima uerba uirorum.

    Titanum memini ego, iam pridem paritorum,
    qui quondam ueluti genitores me aluerunt
    regna nouem memini, meminique arbescere quaeque
    noti sub radicibus arboris abdita longe.

    Aetas antiqua'st quam Ymir tunc habitabat;
    Tum nec harena erat (shitty hiatus) nec frigida flumina aquarum.
    Tellus non aperibatur, caelestia numquam.
    Prolixissima rima erat, nec gramina usquam.
  4. Araneus Umbraticus Lector

    That's Valfǫðr (Óðinn)? Did you make it up?
  5. The Kenosha Kid Active Member

    The Zone
    Yeah, couldn't help myself.
  6. Araneus Umbraticus Lector

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  7. The Kenosha Kid Active Member

    The Zone
    I dig it, Hawkwood. Sounds like someone injected the dope of the Doors into the veins of the Beatles on a rainy day.

    Here's an excellent tune by a bloke we Yanks wish we could boast to have reared.

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  8. He was the brains behind Pink Floyd until Roger 'spineless' Waters betrayed him and ousted him out of the group in the cruelist and most humiliating of ways. For doing this a good few stars like Stipe (REM) and Bowie never spoke to Walters again, in fact, Stipe refused to get on stage because of Barrett's treatment at the hands of Pink Floyd.

    Bottom line, he took too much LSD and eventually became a recluse. For a time in the 60s Alistair Findlay and Susan Kingsford who crashed at his flat were spiking his drinks in the morning with LSD (allegedly) which many speculated was a contributing factor in him developing schizophrenia.

    He's definitely worth looking into, mate.

    Edit: Walters to Waters.
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  9. Etaoin Shrdlu Country member

    I don't have a dog in this fight, but my understanding of the situation is that he had become impossible to work with. The account on Wiki seems to support that view, so is it wrong, or what should the band members have done? Maybe there was a nicer way to ease him out of the band, but I can't see any way they could have kept him in it.

    I don't know about Bowie – although I can't find anything on this – but Stipe was eight years old at the time. How much conversation had he had with Walters before that?
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  10. Araneus Umbraticus Lector

    I haven't read up on this, but if this is how it was, I'll never be able to listen to "Shine on you crazy diamond" with the same ears again.
  11. Etaoin Shrdlu Country member

    Bowie admired Barrett, but his remark: 'A major regret is that I never got to know him,' sounds odd if it's supposed to be coming from a person who broke off contact with someone else over his treatment. Did they ever even meet?
  12. Agreed but it's the underhand methods they used to rid themselves of the chief inspiration behind their sound, message and even their name. Things like going for rehearsals at Abbey Road but using a different room (at the back) while Syd is sitting in the front door (for hours on end) waiting for the band to arrive or secretly bringing in other singers without telling Syd on the night of a gig, are just a couple I can recall off the top of my head.

    It's in the biographies. There's more singers as well who at the time voiced their disdain at the ongoing treatment of Syd at the hands of mainly Waters plus anecdotal evidence on Waters anger issues and spite. Allegedly he's a bit of a nightmare and very controlling.

    This happened years later at a gig. The repercussions for Waters lingered away. Stipe refused to go on stage with him partly to do with the fact Stipe was an admirer of Barrett and because he was an advocate for mental health support, even Waters himself comments on this incident.

    I get what you're saying but in this instance, from what I've read, I think I'm justified in feeling a bit sour about how Syd was handled financially and professionally by the band, especially considering he was the driving force that thrust Pink Floyd into the limelight, hence music labels jumping over to Syd after the initial break away. If I remember correctly Syd wanted to keep the band name but Roger said no, although it was Roger forcing Syd out. So that was that.
  13. I'm going back a bit here Etaoin Shrdlu as it's been years since I picked-up a book on Syd. He's well worth a read though if you ever get the time.
  14. Unfortunately I can't recall all the ins-and-outs. There was a host of artists who were slightly perturbed at his treatment. You'd have to do some digging but with topics like this you have to hit the biographies, I'd say. There might be a fan website knocking about with some good info on him but I don't know.
  15. I might be wrong here Etaoin Shrdlu so I'll retract this bit. Perhaps Bowie merely commented on the Pink Floyd situation after the fact. I can't remember if I'm honest.
  16. The Kenosha Kid Active Member

    The Zone
    Just found this by way of the Monochrome Set. Have listened to it now for the eighth time in a row and don't plan on stopping.

  17. Terry S. flāmen

    This just popped up in my recommendations on You Tube. We had a French teacher who used to play this stuff to us at school. We were supposed to be impressed. Most of learned how to effect an impressed expression to gratify the teacher.

  18. There's a campaign of hate waiting at the school gate.
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  19. I have an Arvo Part youtube mix on the go, this is gorgeous. I never tire of his tabula rasa.
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