What are you listening to? (music)

By Anonymous, in 'Non-Latin Talk', Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Hawkwood .

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    Iohannes Victor have you heard Bach's prelude in C minor (BWV 999)? There's a delightful theorbo rendition on youtube. Well worth a listen.
  2. Hawkwood .

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    This is it, mate. What I like about the performance is his use of time; he allows the piece to breath and that's exactly what that gorgeous bass voice requiress. So many examples on youtube played at a rushed tempo, imo. This is perfect though.
  3. Hawkwood .

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    I suppose there's no right or wrong answer regarding how musicians approach tempo with older works. It might be that a certain amount of license was given from composer to musician by default back then. Not sure when the eventual change occurred in staff notation, maybe around the romantic period. I know lute notation didn't give an eff about it, it appears the composers left them to it completely.

    Edit: lute composers did give an eff but there's instruction on tempo and sustain that you're wont to see today, not there back then. It's interesting.
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  4. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    Omae wa mō shinde iru.
  5. Iohannes Victor New Member

    No, I didn't know before haha thanks. But I've seen David Tayler play before.
  6. Terry S. flamen

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  7. Pacifica grammaticissima

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  8. Hawkwood .

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  9. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    Those sustained two-note chords like at 2:09 are icy, buddy. Goosebumps.
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  10. Hawkwood .

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    Ye. Suite 2 is my favourite, though all the movements to all the suites are a joy. I prefer Kirshbaum's performance over the likes of Maisky, Rostropovich and a few others of note.
  11. Hawkwood .

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  12. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    Not a big Abba fan, but this'nz got what it takes.

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