What is the opposite of the word "Illuminati" in Latin?

By VladKorih, in 'Latin Beginners', Jun 10, 2018.

  1. VladKorih New Member

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Iáson Cívis Illústris

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    In what meaning? If you mean in the sense 'initiates', maybe profānī?
  3. Hemo Rusticus The Lizard King

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    That would be illuminati.

    Just a little Latin joke for ya'. The prefix in- in Latin can be either a reflex of IE h1en meaning 'in' or ṇ- meaning 'not'.
    As in inermis 'unarmed'.

    If by opposite of 'enlightened' you mean 'darkened/in the dark/not in-the-know', I'd say obscurati. It even has the connotation 'becloud the judgement'.
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  4. john abshire Member

    obscurus = dark, secret, vague, obscure

    hemo, it did not see your offer of obscurati until after i posted obscurus as a possible answer.
  5. Iáson Cívis Illústris

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    Obscūrātī is a perfect formal match for illūminātī, and a good translation if you mean illūminātī in the literal and Classical sense of 'illuminated' or 'well-lit'. But (to clarify) I don't think it would mean 'not in-the-know' if applied to persons - rather it would mean something like 'hidden', 'obscure', or maybe even 'unimportant'. Equally obscūrus, when applied to persons, means 'of ignoble status' or 'of reserved/secretive character'. Of course, another Classical meaning of illūminātī is 'illustrious', 'conspicuous', 'famous', and (applied to persons) obscūrus and obscūrātus would both work well for the opposite of this.

    For obscūror as 'becloud the judgement' L&S cite Plautus, 'sciō tē sponte non tuāpte errāsse, sed Amōrem tibi
    pectus opscūrāsse'. I'm not sure this would give much support to obscūrātī as 'the ones with clouded judgement', or 'the not in-the-know'.

    Nice! There is in fact a very rare word, illūminus, 'without light', 'dark'...

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