Why do schools rarely teach Latin anymore?

By tim05000, in 'General Latin Chat (English)', Dec 16, 2018.

  1. tim05000 Member

    At least in Australian public schools Latin’s almost non-existent. Any second-hand Latin textbooks I find are from around the 1960’s.

    Perhaps there’s there’s no one single reason. Maybe

    - It’s a hard language to learn, and like mathematics if you start to fall behind you’ll utterly fail. In a softer, sensitive age, even English grammar is now considered too hard for australian students to learn.
    - We no longer look to antiquity for guidance or inspiration at all- to do so is considered small-minded, parochial, old-fashioned and irrelevant. Instead Australian students now look to Aboriginal and modern Australia for culture and history.
    - the decline of Christianity. Few people read even English bibles now, let alone Latin and Greek.
    - too few teachers.
    - it’s considered irrelevant compared to living languages.

    Australia’s private schools are more likely to have a go at it but few families can afford the very expensive school fees.

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