Tattoo you can take the boy out of Bilston, but you can't take...

By chunk, in 'English to Latin Translation', Aug 3, 2010.

  1. chunk New Member

    Bilston, UK
    Hi guys, ive come up with a new phrase that i want tattooing round my neck. the phrase ive made in english is:

    you can take the boy out of Bilston, but you cant take Bilston out the boy

    i dont know much about latin except i like it and im thinking that names of places dont change so would Bilston stay the same?

    could you please translate my phrase to latin as best you can?

    many thanks, chunk
  2. Decimvs Aedilis

    • Aedilis
    Puerum ex Bilstone ferre potes, sed non Bilstonem ex puero.

    Others will have corrections/suggestions also.

    There may be a better verb than ferre, maybe deducere or something like that. :wondering:

    I declined Bilston like a third; Bilston, Bilstonis - f.

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