# (1st, 2nd, etc.) Infantry Division

The Imperial Salakian Army, being a mostly defensive force, is divided into several infantry divisions on each home planet. Currently, I'm using Kohortes [planetary adjective] to say someone is or was enlisted in an infantry division from a specific home planet. Is that an acceptable way of providing that information? Either way, what are some other ways of saying that?
You could assign them a 'nom de guerre' as most regiments and battalions are referred to by nicknames they earned through campaign. The army has a good memory and for the most part it's military traditions trace back into antiquity.

Example. The legion local to me for a time was the fourteenth, LEG·XIV and their cognomen was GEMINA 'Twinned' due to the amalgamation of two legions following the battle of Actium. Their emblem was capricorn and they earned a further cognomen after the boudiccan revolt: MARTIA VICTRIX.

I suppose it depends on how deep you want to go with your story.

Edit: Actually, I can show you a visual example of the fourteenth, via an attachment, hold on.