71.7 - what case is vivo here?

Phoebus Apollo

Civis Illustris
omne genus enim poma volo sint circa cineres meos, et vinearum largiter. valde enim falsum est vivo quidem domos cultas esse non curari eas, ubi diutius nobis habitandum est.

I can't tell whether its datve (which would make the domos cultas esse phrase a dative of possession) or ablative (something like 'it is a big mistake for there to be decorated houses while a man is alive')


Homo Romanticus
I read it as:
Surely it is a great mistake to furnish houes for the living (dative of agent), yet (to him) give no care to (those houses) where we are to dwell far far longer [=after death]


Staff member
It's a dative of possession or possibly reference. I don't think it's a dative of agent.