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This board certainly has a high profile as far as Google is concerned, though I'm not sure quite how. Another forum I know has much more traffic and active members, but relatively few of the threads on it seemed to get picked up by Google. By contrast, we may forever be associated with the phrase 'every hope ends in a dream', taken from a thread started yesterday, because it's already been indexed.

Terry S.

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Hah, that's really interesting ; ) Well, I always preferred this forum when it came to Latin/community feeling to any other alternatives.
Couldn't agree more.


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I've been here for almost ten years and it's like a home to me.


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It's great that this place has continued to thrive in spite of forum-killers like Reddit rising in prominence.


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I always thought the "forum" format is really the supreme way how to handle some long non-instant serious debates/discussions on the given subject the forum is made for. "Reddit" always seemed to me as a sort of experiment (even though I'm using it passively from time to time to read some stuff), not to be taken too seriously as a "discussion/debate platform" (I think it has other uses) and the alternative web-platforms like "quora" etc. never seem to be really equal for the same purpose.

The nice thing about "forum" is that it's a whole virtual community for the subject with its many rooms and corners... and the pressure and the chaos of an instant conversation/chat (which I don't mind either) is absent.

It's also interesting there is still not one but two prominent international/English Latin fora thriving on the internet, although I always had a preference for this one. ; )