Actiones secundum fidei

Hello everyone,
I have a question about latin inscription used in John Wick 3 movie

Adjudicator's medallion upper inscription
Secundum here is a preposition, right? Why genitive ? I though it should be accusative like actiones secundum fidem actions in accordance with trust. Correct?



Civis Illustris
Lol, I'm currently watching the film and was wondering about the same thing ... I googled the phrase and ended up here :D


Civis Illustris
Since the wikipedia page Pacifica referred to a Theological dictionary and the phrase seems to be something that is found at least a few times, I thought it might not just have been a google translation fail but just an incomplete phrase that leaves a word implied ...
I found that Thomas Aquinas may have written about something like actiones secundum fidei Catholicae sententiam - actions according to the proposition of Catholic faith ... as opposed to other propositions or philosophical viewpoints, e.g. secundum Platonis sententiam.

I don't want to dive into that too deeply and read all of Thomas Aquinas now :p But I wonder if Terry S. has heard of it before.