"Always one"


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I am seeking the translation from English to Latin to convey the phrase "always one", to use in a logo/emblem.

"Always one meaning that all things come from the same source and spirit. Oneness. That despite labels we are always one. To hopefully help with the description, what I DON'T want it to mean is "together we are stronger".

Hope my description can convey the right meaning for translating as it doesn't seem to be as simple as I originally thought. Thanks in advance for any help.
(Omnes) Semper Unum
'(All) [are] always one [thing].'
so just to confirm even though you can leave out (Omnes) the two words would be sufficiently correct to the meaning?
Yes, although I will say that it matches in its grammar the abstractness of the English. That is, were a Roman to read it, he would probably be puzzled.


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That’s interesting- thanks for posting the link. I’m not understanding your suggestion though..
I think Agrippa's sounds like a closer translation of what you want to say, i.e. that all things come from the same source and spirit.


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Thanks for your input for that. I’m getting what you mean and I think in that sense it does feel more connected to the message.


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Question- would “universus” also be a contender?
You mean "universum", I suppose. My answer: yes.
Cf. Meister Eckhart, medieval German philosopher, in his Expositio libri Genesis cap. 1 § 12
Sed hoc unum est ipsum totum universum, quod a deo procedit, unum quidem in multis partibus universi