Amores II.5


Civis Illustris
Hi all,

What do you make of the bolded lines below from Ovid? I just can't figure 0ut how the infinitives fit in and, indeed, the general syntax of the couplet.

"spectabat terram—terram spectare decebat;
maesta erat in vultu—maesta decenter erat.
sicut erant, et erant culti, laniare capillos
et fuit in teneras impetus ire genas—
Ut faciem vidi, fortes cecidere lacerti;
defensa est armis nostra puella suis.
qui modo saevus eram, supplex ultroque rogavi,
oscula ne nobis deteriora daret."


nulli numeri
Something like:

'I felt/had an impulse to tear her hair to pieces, just as it was, and it was adorned, and to attack her tender cheeks—"

Need to understand a mihi. And because I don't know the context, this line is very odd.