Anyone help me with our sports team's latin motto? "Green power" or "Green is for victory"


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We've been planing for "Green power" or "Green is for victory"
I looked for the translation of the two a long time ago.

Green power= "Viribus Viridi"
Green is for victory= "Viridi Vittoria est"

i'm just anxious if the translation are right.


VIRIDIS VICTORIAE EST = Green is for victory
VIS VIRIDIS =Green power

I noticed that you were using the dative form of the adjective "viridis, viridis, viride"(green). The dative is used for indirect objects i.e. Mary in "I gave the ball to Mary. "


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VIRIDIS VICTORIAE EST = Green is for victory
That doesn't really work in Latin.

Does "green is for victory" mean something like "green means victory" in this context? That is how I take it at first sight, but I want to make sure. If that's it, though, I'm rather unsure how to translate it.
VIS VIRIDIS =Green power
This is correct.

And, the translations that you'd initially got, Archel, are incorrect.