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An apposition what case does it take?


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same case as the noun it's in apposition with
I mean: " Hic (timor) primum ortus est a tribunis militum, praefectis reliquisque..."

Why the aposittion ia in ablative?


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I would like to point out that the word "apposition" is spelt the way Dantius spelt it:

In your sentence, the three ablative nouns are simply a tricolon of three different nouns. I could also render this as "(et) a tribunis et praefectis et reliquis".

If there were an apposition in that sentence, let's say we'd have something like 'ortus a tribunis militum, comitibus Caesaris (...)', then Dantius' simple rule would apply: The apposition is in the same case as the noun with which it is in apposition.