Bachelor in Business Administation in latin


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I'm very appreciate if you could help me to write correctly in latin my bachelor in Business Administration. Negotiis Administratio/ Negotiss administrandis or Administratio negotati.
Thx a lot
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R. Seltza

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I believe it would have been more appropriate for this thread to be in the English to Latin Section instead of it being here in the Latin to English Section.

Aside from that, a good translation for "Bachelor's in Business Administration" would be baccalaureus negotii gerendi.


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Trinity College (Dublin) offers a Baccalaureus/Magister in Studiis Negotialibus. They still call the second one an M.B.A.
A school in Malaysis offers a Magister negotii administrationis.
Oxford offers a Magister in Negotiis Administrandis