Bands / songs with latin lyrics?


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Does anyone know of any bands who sing in latin? Or any single songs in latin?

One I know of: Omnia Sol Temperat by the German band In Extremo


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Somnus Nemoris (Final Fantasy Versus XIII theme)
Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VIII theme; the title is grammatically incorrect, yes).


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The Misfits, remade 'Halloween' in Latin, though even I know they just took a dictionary and word replaced...


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Well, there's always the Latin version of Disney's "A Whole New World" that I wrote, which can be heard here: Also, if I could just get some constructive criticism to ensure it ends up being the best it can be, I'd publish my Latin lyrics for "My Heart Will Go On" from "Titanic" ( in a heartbeat! It's getting frustrating, really. I've posted the adaptation on this forum and on one or two other Latin-themed sites asking for comments, and my post(s) are still being ignored.

Back to the point, though, I think Wikipedia has a rather extensive list of songs containing Latin lyrics. I'll see if I can hunt it down again and post a link here. I think music, particularly modern pop music, could be a great medium for reviving the Latin language. I wouldn't mind seeing Latin adaptations of popular songs become a sort of genre, if for nothing else than progressive educational purposes. Unfortunately, we'd probably have to call it "Roman Latin" or "Neo-Latin" just to avoid confusion with Spanish-language music.


Can't say I know of any either.

I'm trying to translate Take That "Rule the World" bits of it anyway, for a cross stitch sampler that I'm doing.

"My Heart will go on" is one of my favourites, I loved the music in Titanic anyway as I do like film music. Am surprised none of the more experienced have commented. Am new on here so my Latin skills are somewhat rusty !!!


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Don't forget "One Winged Angel" on Final Fantasy VII. You can here it on the "Advent Children" movie along with another piece in Latin. I did notice on one part of "One Winged Angel" they use some Japanese for a phrase.

oh well it is a good bit of music.


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oh! I remembered that Disney's Hunchback of Noter Dame has Latin in there music. I haven't seen the movie in a long time but when i found the soundtrack i picked that thing up. I love the music except for the last songs that played during the credits.

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There's some Latin in "Field of Innocence" by Evanescence. It's part of the hymn "Iesu, Dulcis Memoria."

There's also the cd and book "Grunt" by Sandra Boynton. It's got a lot of Pig Latin in it but also a fair bit of real Latin. It's really funny to turn it on when you have a bunch of guests over. They think they're hearing some Gregorian chant - until the rooster starts singing. :hugegrin: