Collectio Selecta SS Ecclesiæ Patrum

Etaoin Shrdlu

Civis Illustris
I don't understand the monkeys. Uncle Googly tells me that they are involved in a monkey puppet meme, which leaves me none the wiser.


Civis Illustris
Looks like you find both ...


Staff member
Ah. Google didn't give me anything when I searched for the title with sanctissimae.

S. is a common abbreviation for sanctus and (though this has always seemed strange to me) it's usual for a letter in an abbreviation to be doubled to represent the plural, hence SS. would be normal for sancti and inflections thereof. Now, although I don't know from experience that SS. can stand for sanctissimus, I can see how it could.


Man of Culture
SS for santissima is not uncommon in my country. Yes the money was a reaction of discomfort about the other less holy SS.