Common Latin phrases (of the Classical period)


Now I've been looking around recently for Latin idioms and phrases, and I have really been confused about which of these were authentic or found in a Classical author and is famous nowadays.

Could I have some help?:dynamite:


Civis Illustris
Since we have more or less the whole of classical literature available online, you can use Google to search for it, and narrow your search to a particular website like, which has most of it. In some cases you still won't find what you're looking for, because the spelling may be different: check i for j, and u for v. Or it may just be spelled wrong. Since you ask, yes, there are very many Latin phrases floating around out there that don't have a verifiable ancient source: even if you're told that Ovid said it, it may not be true.

Anything specific, you could do worse than to ask on this forum.