Etaoin Shrdlu

Civis Illustris
I have to admit to being an uncircumcised Philistine who has always failed to appreciate Schiller, or at least that poem, and Beethoven, particularly the Ninth Sumphony. But the Latin version is, well, something else.


Feles Curiosissima
I've heard MUCH worse than that song.

Issacus Divus

ᛋᚢᚾᚢ ᚱᛖᛟᚱᛞᚲᚤᚾᛁᚾᚷᚨᛋ
Like what? (Another song?)


Feles Curiosissima
The Latin pronunciation of people around here.
As a beginner, I certainly can't tell whether the intricacies of restored pronunciation are all properly observed or not. Even though I keep telling myself that the purpose of proper pronunciation in this day and age should not so much be about sounding like Cicero as it shoud be about being understandable to the majority, I do feel the occasional cringe with the vowel glides that seem often to escape English/German speakers, probably because it is the most blatant un-Latin-sounding thing to do to the ear of a Romance speaker.
But I think it's quite tricky to jugde because you probably tend to be more sensitive to the pronunciation "mistakes" which are due to the influence of languages other than your own, while disregarding those that people from other countries can hear quite clearly but your ear can't.