Domine, scribens me libero


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I'm a portuguese poet, and I have a friend who studied Latin at University. So I wanted to say something like "Lord, writing, I set myself free" and he gave me "Domine, scribens me libero"

I just want to confirm please that this expression is gramatically correct!
Can you confirm it?

Thank you so much


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Yes, it is correct. There's another solution, however, which would imply a slight different nuance in meaning - then it's up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Domine, scribens me libero = lord, (while I am) writing I set myself free.
Domine, scribendo me libero = lord, by writing I set myself free ---> here there is more insistance on the fact that writing is the means by which you set yourself free. It can also be implied in the first version, but is more underlined in this one.


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You are welcome.