Doubt with vowels' length in incidere


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Hi there, I was looking up the verb incidēre in and I saw that the IPA transcription is : /inˈ Shouldn’t that be /ɪnˈkɪ.deː.rɛ/ ?
I asked that since I saw the long macron only on “ē” so I assumed all other vowels are short. Am I correct?
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Well, there's no such verb as an infinitive, that is. But I've just realized maybe you were actually looking at a conjugated form (like the third person plural perfect indicative active or the second person singular future indicative passive, where the e is long).

In that case, the stress goes on the penultimate syllable, too.


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Sorry, I didn't write the question properly, I try to clarify, in Wiktionary I saw the form incidēre (third person plural perfect indicative active) and I saw that the phonetical transcription of it it is /inˈ but shouldn't that be /ɪn.kɪ.deː.rɛ/ ? (I assume the only long vowel is the first 'e'. Am I wrong? I am assuming that in verbs' conjugations only long vowels are noted with macrons and that if there is no macro at all the vowel is short by default, am I correct?


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The stress should be marked on the penultimate syllable.
I've lost count of the number of threads discussing errors in Wiktionary. Get a good book and stick with that.