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As part of a creative universe I want to extend through a movie and a TV series, I intend to use this translation as motto of a fictitious sleep clinic that allegedly records dreams into video, so the phrase to be translated can also be "dreams to reality" (instead of into).

By "dreams" I mean the noun, not the verb, but perhaps the verb can bring an interesting concept?

The idea is to have a solemn, convincing motto.

Thank you all so much in advance.


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somnia in res (veras)

casus may also work in res's place (and veras would then change to veros).


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So you have these two options:

somnia in res (veras) - 'dreams into (true) matters'
somnia in casus veros - 'dreams into true events'

I think veras may be optional in the first one (res is the Latin word for reality, a thing in actuality), but it may be better to include it. Wait around to see what others are thinking.


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Thanks for catching that. I think I had somnus in my head. Edited.