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Ok everyone, hopefully you can shed some light on this one for me. It's going to be for my book again, so just as before I will try to paint the scene and see what everyone comes up with...

My bad guy is standing in a field with a large number of soldiers charging at him. Realizing that that are far too many men to defend against with his magic alone he conjurs an earth elemental to help him. He is going to utter a phrase and all of the rocks and pebbles around him are going to raise up off of the ground and start gathering, swirling about as they begin to form legs, hips, a waist, the torso, the head and arms etc. This hulking mass will take on a humanoid form that is as large as a giant maybe some 15ft-20ft tall, or the height of three men. It's movements are slow and clumsy, but it is very strong. It will attempt to step on people, and swing its massive hands with its palm open, vaulting soldiers a great distance away, rendering them hurt, unconscious or worse, dead.

Length of the phrase will not matter here, as a large amount of time will have elapsed before there is any direct confrontation. I am really looking forward to see what everybody comes up with! And thanks again!

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Primordius terrae (Elemental of the earth/Earth elemental) or Ens primordium terrae (Elemental being of the earth/Earth elemental being)

Note that primordius, -um, -a is strictly an adjective, but then "elemental" is also strictly an adjective in English. I think that in fantasy literature, this rule can be partially ignored.

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Primordius is an interesting choice. The adjective appears to be of Late Latin origin, and there aren't many attestations of the noun in classical works either. In any case, I'm inclined to translate the word as "ancient, protozoic" rather than "an essence, an elemental composition".

I'm not sure what to suggest- perhaps custos petris compositus.


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How about:
advoco numen telluris


I'm not sure what to suggest- perhaps custos petris compositus.
What would that phrase retranslate back into english?

How about: advoco numen telluris
And how would this one also retranslate?

Don't forget, I am flexible in word choices so it doesn't necessarily need to be Earth Elemental. I could use anything pertinent like say, rock man, or a man made of stones, creature of pebbles, rocks, dirt etc. I'm open to any phrase that sounds like it could work. Thanks for all the great help so far, keep 'em coming!


Hmm, I like them both. Would it be possible to combine them? Joining up the english phrases so it would look like...
"I call forth a guardian composed of stones"

Thanks again.