john abshire

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Roma egressus, Caesar in gauliam exercitum duxit.
Book “leaving Rome.....”
Me “having left Rome.....”
Is the technical translation “having left Rome” ?
I think I have asked something like this before, but it didn’t stick well enough.
I see that egredior is deponent, so it’s perfect participle is active, so it can’t be “having been “.
Probably either “leaving” or “having left” will work, but “leaving” sounds too much like a present participle.
What I am hoping is that “having left” is the translation, and “leaving” is acceptable.
Is this true?


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The more literal translation is "having left", and "leaving" is acceptable. Latin tends to use the perfect participles of deponent verbs more often than their present participles, even where in English present ones would be acceptable if not more idiomatic.