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Death is the greatest of all human blessing
Death is the sweetest of all human blessing
Our ultimate death is a blessing
Death is only the beginning
Life is a waking dream, death is going home

Could a professional please translate these into proper latin. I would be very appreciative. It's going on my neck so has to be perfect. I would like blessing to be translated as benedictio/beneditenum etc as I love the word. Thank you!!!


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I don't think that benedictio would be a very appropriate word for "blessing" here, to be honest. It means more the actual act of blessing, like the words spoken by a priest (the word benedictio literally means "well saying/speaking", i.e. like you're wishing somebody well). It doesn't really mean "a good/desirable thing" in the sense that you're using here. A much more standard Classical Latin word for "blessing" in this sense would be bonum (literally "a good thing") or fortuna ("fortune").

You can also probably leave out "human" as it's pretty clear from the context that you're talking about a good thing for humans and not for, say, tortoises or angels or something like that. ;) If you really want the idea of "human" in there, you might use hominibus = "for humans".

"Death is the greatest (human) blessing" = Mors fortuna (humana) optima est/Mors fortuna optima hominibus est.
"Death is the sweetest (human) blessing" = Mors fortuna (humana) dulcissima est/Mors fortuna dulcissima hominibus est.
"Our ultimate death is a blessing" (I suppose here by "ultimate" you mean something like "inevitable" and not "last", since generally a person can't die more than once?*) = Fatalis mors nostra bonum est/Fatalis mors nobis bonum est. (Here again I would prefer the second option: "Inescapable death is a blessing to us".)
"Death is only the beginning" = Modo incipio/principio nobis mors est. (Literally "death is only a beginning for us").
"Life is a waking dream, death is going home" = Vita est somnium vigil, mors reditus domum. This one is a little bit more troublesome; I'm not sure that vigil is quite the right word for "waking" in this sense, but I can't find a better one.

Anyway, others may have additional suggestions.

* Though in this time of modern medicine and the widespread resuscitation of those whose heartbeat/brain activity has ceased, that's rather more debatable, I suppose.


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One addition since I can't seem to edit :( On second thought, we might as well use the double dative for the third sentence as well. So:

"Our ultimate death is a blessing" = Fatalis mors nobis bono est.


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You need to remove the ;) smiley and turn it back into text again (i.e. write ; ) again)
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