Inspirational Even the desert can bloom


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I've been trying to come up with a translation for 'Even the desert can bloom' but I'm getting a little confused by both the multiple meanings of some words, a lack of words seeming to actually mean 'desert' and the proper form for how it should all go. Anyone got any suggestions?


"Desert" is tough; harenae - "sands" is the first thing I thought of, but I'd be afraid this could be misinterpreted as "beaches" or even "arenas".

Maybe vastitas - "wasteland" is better; I'd therefore propose:

Vasitas quoque floreat.

Any other ideas?


I don't think desertus was used substantively in classical Latin, but it sure was in the Vulgate, for example:

...vox clamantis in deserto... (John i: 23).

If you'll accept Jerome, I'd go with desertus; but if you insist on a classical form, I can't do better than Cato's vastitas.