Favorite period, favorite emperor, favorite person


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Yeah, and later 1st century (post-Augustus), so folks like Persius, Lucan, Petronius


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I don't really have a favorite period but I have some least favorite periods:
- the barracks emperors in the 3rd century that didn't really do anything important

It wasn't (completely) their fault... Frontiers were a mess... Gallienus and Domitius had to face Gallic and Palmyrene empires... But true, there wasn't much they did but fighting and being killed by the Pretorian Guard for succession. :think:


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Yeah, and later 1st century (post-Augustus), so folks like Persius, Lucan, Petronius

(I never paid attention to Persius... I'll take a look.)


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Numbers: 211

I just read "211 messages" (above, right side, beside the paenulatus "gaius" that I use for avatar...).

211 in a Latin forum (even if not, I guess... but even more here) is an imediate association: Caracalla! (Actually, his father's death...) Although for him it would be the year of Terentius and Bassus, Terentio et Basso consulibus, and the 964th of the foundation of the city (or CMLXIV, or maybe DCCCCLXIV ab urbe condĭta)...

(I've been trying to get used to the dates a.u.c., but the a.D. are still more familiar to me... And to get used not to call Caracalla by this name, but to treat him as Antoninus. ;) )


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Favorite period - II century (military, territorial and civilisational peak of Roman Empire IMO - Trajan, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius)

Favorite Emperor - Augustus (architect of Pax Romana, initiated administrative and legislative reforms, patron of art; took care of roman military; laid fundaments for later expansion in I-II century)

Favorite Person - Seneca the Younger