Ferus omnia Iuppiter Argos transtulit

Does omnia refer to Argos? I would have expected it to be omnes. I also find it odd that Jupiter is referred to as 'wild'.

Fuimus Troes, fuit Illium et ingens gloria Teucrorum!
Ferus omnia Iuppiter Argos transtulit...
Incensa Danai dominantur in urbe


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These are lines from the second book of the Aeneid.

Argos is neuter and an accusative of direction.
omnia (= omnes res = everything) is the accusative object of transtulit. Zeus transferred everything (all the power) to Argos (Greece --> from Troy to Greece).
I wouldn't take ferus in the sense of 'wild', but in the sense of 'cruel' (cruel towards the Trojans)
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