fight on, my men

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Hello all

This is a quote from a very old poem by Sir Andrew Barton. I want this translated to Latin foe my father. His friend passed away and my father was thinking of getting this tattooed. It is of course a male translation.

He was also considering a different line from the poem: "Rise and fight again"

any help is appreciated.

Thank you


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1. Pergite pugnam
Why not pugnare? Not that it makes a huge difference, but well.
fratres mei.
This is literally "my brothers". I (like you, presumably) am not sure that a literal translation of "my men", viri mei, would work. Maybe it would, but I can't recall ever seeing something like that. I wonder what would be best here. Something that seems pretty common in addresses to soldiers is commilitones, "fellow soldiers", or "brothers-in-arms" if you will (not literally, but the idea is similar).


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In fact, maybe viri alone would work.

Looking for examples, I found this in Vergil:

nunc adeo, melior quoniam pars acta diei,
quod superest, laeti bene gestis corpora rebus
procurate, viri, et pugnam sperate parari.

And these:

festinate, viri!

arma, viri, ferte arma


nulli numeri
Also socii.