Forcellini now SEARCHABLE & online! (A Latino-Latin dictionary)


Civis Illustris
  • colo (colare): "relibus" > "retibus"
  • deorsum: "deorsum, ,cui" (second comma is redundant)
  • lupus: "m) Lupus est homo homini" should be "n)" (the error is in the printed book)
  • vinea: viňa > viña
  • argentaria: join to argentarius; also, image version of Forcellini gives incorrect page on request "ARGENTĀRĬA" (ĀRĬA)
  • adhorto: join to ADHORTOR
  • percunctor: add "percontor" as a spelling variant to the index
  • quotannis, "V. voc. præced. init. et 2.°": add note or link to QUOT
  • adduco: "Adductus, a, um, praeterquam..." begins with new line
Decomposition Æ > AE, Œ > OE is not always trivial, e.g.
  • aes: AEri, AEris, AEra
  • oeconomicus: OEconomicus