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I'm trying to help my friend with his webpage, and I was hoping to surprise him with a "friends only" banner...
Hence my question- how to correctly say "friends only" in Latin.
I thought perhaps "amicum solum" ... but since it's been years since I took Latin :oops: , I thought perhaps I should query all the experts first! :p
Please help me out- it would be greatly appreciated...
and my friend would be thrilled too!
Thanks all!


PS. If you would like to help me also translate "comment to be added" that would be above and beyond wonderful! lol...


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I am a beginner so you will need to get another opinion but:

only - solus
friend - amicus

I think it could be... amicos solos (accusative plural)


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solus can also mean 'alone' or 'lonely', so I probably wouldn't use this word.

MysticRose, I need some clarification on this phrase. Did you mean 'Friends Only Allowed', 'We are only friends', or something else? Translation would depend on the exact meaning :)