From dust we came, to dust we shall return


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Hi All,

If any of you have spare time I would really appreciate some help with this translation...

'From dust we came to dust we shall return'

thanks a lot

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ps..Imber Ranae thanks for your help the last time


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The last part of Genesis 3:19 --

pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris
thou art dust and thou shalt return into dust

If you really wanted "we" you could change "es" to sumus and reverteris to revertemur.


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Hey Scrabblehack

Thanks so much for your reply.... as I am new to Latin could you advise...

When you say change "es" to "sumus" and "reverteris" to "revertemur" does this change the translation much ? would it still read "thou art dust and thou shalt return into dust"


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He made it pretty clear. Those changes make the "thou" into "we", which is what you were originally requesting. They don't have any other effect.