Mediaeval Futurum autem contingens dupliciter cognoscit[ur] a deo

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Thanks for any help with my translation. I'm working off of the following text:
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Futurum autem contingens dupliciter cognoscit[ur] a deo. Uno mo[do]

P[ro]ut intuitus divine cognitionis fert[ur] super presentiam ipsius

Licet futuram: eo quod intuitus divine cognitionis mensurature

Et[er]nitate que complectit[ur] omne tempus. Et qid sic precognoscit[ur]

Futurum infallibiliter evenit. Alio modo secundum ordinem causae

Ad effectum. Scilicet. P[ro]ut contingens futurm est in causa variabili

Et contingente; et quid sic praecognoscit[ur] non semper evenit quia

Aliquando mutat[ur] causa. Et perconsequens effectus.

However, future happenings (?) is known by god in two ways. In the first manner.

Just as the view of divine cognition is had during its present time

[so] it is had during the future: so that the sight of divine cognition is measured

in eternity and all time is encompassed. And thus what future is foreknown

Infallibly happens. In the other manner, [it happens] according to or a series of causes

Toward an effect. Namely, just as a future happening is in accordance with a variable and contingente (?) cause;

And what is foreknown does not always happen because

The cause at times changes. And as a result [so does] the effect.