Gerund[ive]s+ adverbs

“I study Latin to better understand many other languages that originate from it.”
“Latinam disco causa multas linguas illā oritas melius/melioris prehendi”
Sermonem Latinam disco melius prehendendi causa multas linguas illā ortas.

“Discipuli parati sunt ad diligenter/diligentem audiendum.”
“The students are ready to listen carefully.”

“Carthargo absoluta/absolute delenda est.”
“Carthage needs to be utterly crushed.”

Can I use an adverb to modify “prehendi,” “audiendum,” and “delenda”? If not, can I use an adjective of the corresponding case?
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You can use an adverb.

If gerunds could be modified by adjectives, which they can't, they would take neuter adjectives, not masculine.

There are a few other issues in your first sentence:

- "Latin" usually translates as lingua Latina or sermo Latinus. Latina alone is a rarity.

- The past participle of orior is ortus, not oritus.

- Prehendi is the present passive infinitive of prehendo, not its gerund. The gerund is prehendendi.

- In the causa construction meaning "for the sake of...", the genitive almost always precedes causa.