Good Names for a Society/Group

Hazen Soucy

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Working on a small project of mine and wondering if anybody has some really thoughtful, succinct, memorable, and meaningful names for a society or group. This group contains men and women and would be best if named somehow after a quality of some kind or some animal. Some colleagues and I have favored the idea of the scarab/beetle, or the owl. I had introduced the idea to them Aurei, or "The Golden." Something short and sweet would be most appreciated, but if anyone has any good ideas, feel free to put them out there. There is no specific meaning needed, just something that is easily read and appealing.


Feles Curiosissima
If you can be more precise, that would be better. Open-ended threads like this tend not to get replies (you know a lot more about the society/group than we do, and it's hard for a third person to come up with a catchy name out of the blue...) If you can put together some sample phrases, we'll gladly translate them and then you can pick your favorite-sounding one, though. :)


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Going from what he's already told us: "Beetle" or "scarab" is scarabaeus; "owl" is noctua or ulula (for example, as they had different names for different kinds of owl). "The golden beetle/scarab" = scarabaeus aureus; "the golden owl" = noctua/ulula aurea.


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There was bubo for owl also.
Indefinite source texts usually go in chat.

Hazen Soucy

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Yeah something like "The Knowledgable" or "The Elegant/Sophisticated" or even modish will work. Preferably something plural and something that displays some sort of status. I know I'm being extremely ambiguous but I'm open to anything as long as it applies to a group of men and women. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far