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Any updates, guys? I know @Laurentius pulled recently 100kg...

Me update: deadlift 80kg (127% of my bodyweight) - I did heavy deadlifts after one month, it went maybe even better than the last time with 75.

I still feel I have great reserves, I could have MAYBE done even 90-95 (if not 100) today at least for one rep , but aside from missing plates, I just don't jump ahead my muscles and safe risk.
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A Monkey
Ok, one more experimental thing I did at home, something I long meditated doing but didn't know how. Incline bench press (=targets more the upper chest and a little bit of the front delt) without the incline bench :D .... at home!

Measured by the photometry (by analysing the video), the body's lying while being precisely 30 degrees inclined from the ground*, which turns out to be the ideal angle to target the upper chest (with 45 or 60 - which you find more commonly in gyms, going much more for the front delt/shoulder than the chest).

*I simply estimated it by my theoretical knowledge of the lift as I was setting it and myself up ;P and it turned out to be correct

Not really heavy, 42 kg (70% of bodyweight, as in pushup), but it was experimental. But at least I know how the 42 kg felt to see how to set it next time.
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Civis Illustris
@Godmy, as much as I have confidence in what you are doing; as much I don't have trust in that wooden chair. Please consider investing in a professional barbell rack or at least solid metal chair. Thanks.


Man of Culture
While I do agree and use metal chairs myself for now, you also have to think that for a normal chair it's pretty easy to sustain 42 kg, otherwise people couldn't sit there. :D