HW: Maecenas atavis edite regibus . . . . . . .


Horace Ode 1.1: 1-10

Maecenas atavis edite regibus,
o et praesidium et dulce decus meum,
sunt quos curriculo pulverem Olympicum
collegisse iuvat metaque fervidis
evitata rotis palmaque nobilis
terrarum dominos evehit ad deos;
hunc, si mobilium turba Quiritium
certat tergeminis tollere honoribus;
illum, si proprio condidit horreo
quidquid de Libycis verritur areis.

Maecenas, born of regal ancesters, (Abl. of Origin, appositional?)
Both my defense and delightful honor,
There are those whom, with a chariot, it delights to draw up Olympic dust,
and the turning post having been avoided (rounded maybe)
with fiery wheels, the celebrated victory palm
exalts as lords of the lands (acc. of ?), to the gods;
It delights (iuvat implied also here?) this man, if the mob of easily swayed citizens
strives to raise (him) with threefold honors,
That man, if he has stored in his own granary
everything which is collected from Libyan grounds;