Tattoo I achieve victory over myself

The phrase should convey something along the lines of I achieve victory over/defeat myself or I have achieved victory over/defeated myself.

Could also be I overcome/overcame myself or I can overcome myself. Exact wording is flexible, but it should convey an action of conquest over oneself (as opposed to something like I have accepted myself or I have achieved harmony with myself).

This would be for a tattoo and the idea is to convey how a person has managed to come to terms with their own weaknesses.

The idea is that a mental disability (in this case Autism Spectrum Disorder) has a profound impact on a person's life and causes them great difficulty, and they have to use willpower to accept themselves, adapt and overcome, and not let the condition ruin their life or that of their loved ones.

Assuming there are multiple ways to express this, I would be interested in various versions (short and longer).



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Hi again,

Here are some suggestions:

Me ipse vici = I have overcome/defeated myself.
Me ipse vinco = I overcome/defeat myself.
De me ipse victoriam peperi = I have achieved victory over myself.
De me ipse victoriam pario = I achieve victory over myself.


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NP. :)