Tattoo "I am time."

Dante Roman

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Hi everyone, just signed up to this forum.

I am hoping to get the phrase "I am time" translated from English to Latin so that I may use it as a tattoo.

I have done some hunting on other translation sites and found that "Ego sum tempus" seems to be somewhat appropriate. Obviously as it's a tattoo I want to get as many second opinions as I can.

Thanks in advance!

- Dante

R. Seltza

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Throwing ego in there is a bit redundant.

Tempus sum is a good translation for "I am time".

Of course, since this is for a tattoo, I'd wait for others' input.

Dante Roman

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Thanks for the translation!

Is there any way I can keep ego in the translation for aesthetic reasons?

I'll wait for more opinions to see what other alternatives exist.


Civis Illustris
There's nothing wrong with keeping the ego in there.


Civis Illustris
The word order is free. "ego tempus sum" and "ego sum tempus" both work.


Homo Sapiens
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What does that mean?

Issacus Divus

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Good question.